Novichok in Austria

When the national-populist Freedom Party finished second in Austria’s elections in October 1999, he had called for demonstrations against the threatening coalition government. These protests “No coalition with racism” became the largest rallies in the country’s history. Shortly after the new government took over, more than 300,000 people demonstrated on Vienna’s Heldenplatz. It was the largest crowd ever on this square.

At this point he was already locked away. He had planned to publicly confront the leader of the Freedom Party on December 10th, Human Rights Day, with the question: “Does Joerg Haider need underage hustler boys?” One day before he was locked away.

A short time earlier the “eavesdropping attack law” had been passed. This meant the electronic surveillance of certain people. To escape this, he left his mobile devices in his Vienna apartment some days before December 10th. Then he went to Linz for family reasons. Unbeknownst to anyone, he stayed in a hotel near the main station.

When he was going to breakfast on the morning of December 9th, the receptionist whispered to him: “Die Staatspolizei ist im Haus.” In the following night they locked him up in the closed ward of the Linz metal hospital.

Not a single doctor had examined him.

Austria doesn’t need Novichok. Austria has different means.

For Dr. Angela Merkel

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