The King of the world

The King of the world ruled over his subjects with a strong hand. After thousands of years he had finally succeeded to reign over the whole world by a game called “Money”. At last every person in the world wanted to take part in this game and have such money.

To increase the King’s power over his people, his secretary had invented a new game. In this game every person could create their own mirror image. He called this game “Social Media”. With these Social Media it would be possible for the King to control his people even better, only using their own mirror image. So the King had this game spread to expand his power over all humans.

After only two decades the Social Media had conquered half of the world. Although, the King became impatient, because he didn’t want to wait another twenty years. He asked his secretary to invent a new game again so that he could direct the rest of his people even better. The secretary suggested to create a game that he called “Corona”, after the King’s crown. This Corona should be a virus that could only spread by human contact. And thus it should double every week. In the first week it would affect one person, in the second week two, in the third week it would double to four, in the next week to eight and so on.

Couriously the king wanted to know how long it would take him to conquer the whole world by this virus. The secretary replied cunningly: “Your people consists of seven point seven billion of humans. If the virus doubles every week, all humans will be affected after exactly half a year.” The King’s eyes began to shine: “This is a great idea. Let’s start.”

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