Corona in Austria – Day 1

Today the Corona virus has arrived in Austria. This SARS virus, with its disease named Covid-19, broke out in Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei in early December and has spread throughout the world in recent weeks. Yesterday there were 80,190 people on Earth who were demonstrably infected, 77,658 of them in the People’s Republic of China alone. As of yesterday, 2,699 people have died of it, more than 2,600 of them also in China.

The most affected country in Europe is Italy. In the past few days, more than 320 people had contracted the virus there, most of them in the regions around Milan and Venice. There the virus has already killed ten people.

Yesterday evening there were already two suspected cases in a train traveling from Venice via Innsbruck to Munich. After a conductor reported suspicious symptoms of illness of two passengers, the train was stopped in front of the Austrian border at the Brenner. When the medical tests turned out to be negative, the train was allowed to continue via Innsbruck to Munich at midnight.

At noon we were informed that the corona virus had reached Austria. An Italian couple from the Bergamo region, who live and work in Innsbruck, reported to the Innsbruck University Clinic. They had noticeable symptoms since the weekend and were tested positive this morning. The couple’s wife is a receptionist in a large Innsbruck hotel. In late afternoon, the Austrian police surrounded the hotel and sealed it off. Since then, nobody has been allowed in and out.

The Corona virus has reached Austria.

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