The Triumph of Narcissism

The United Kingdom has voted. The result is clear: Social democracy is dead. Neoliberalism triumphs in self-love towards the end of history.

Human narcissism has won. Happy new world! In the age of new media we can finally love ourselves without disturbance. We post without reading, we give without receiving. “Giving is more blessed than receiving!”

Our love is rewarded by the new money, the money of the new world. We collect “Likes” and attention, each of us in our own way. And we earn on every “Like”. Thus the voting is easy as never before. The one with the most “Likes” gets elected. So we love ourselves and all who love us. We love our “bubble”. The one with the biggest “bubble” won.

Of course, the biggest narcissists win this game. Who else? Those who love themselves most uncritically are loved most uncritically. Because they get the most attention. Self-criticism is only in the way. The loudest roar is heard the most. And it gets the most “Likes”. The loudest howler gets elected.

Certainly we don’t want to have such a howler monkey at home. But out there in front of our virtual door, we love him. Because his roar protects us from everything we fear. It protects us from all evil and from all strangers. Our howler monkey protects us from our fear. As reward he gets our “Like”. He’s got our attention anyway.

Our howler monkey promises us new fences around our gardens. Therefore he gets our “Like”. It doesn’t cost us anything. The other ones must pay. Who?

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