The Problem of Migration

The problem of migration in one picture:


Asia has to feed 60% of the world population (with 40% of the space).

Europe’s density is 215% of the world average.

All the rest (climate change, energy crisis, wars, migration, …) follows.

The only solution: Unite Europe! Protect Peace.


Picture (PDF): population_density


World-Density 2012 (Source: Wikipedia):



World Energy Consumption 2017 (Source: NASA):



Facebook-Density 2012 (Source: IEORTools):



And for the Ones believing in Darwin AND God:



Al fin:

The Axis of our Planet Earth
is inclined 23,272727272727272727272727…°
meaning 6,464646464646464646464646…%
equals half of 12,929292929292929292929292…

Darwin was right. God exists.



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