The game of the hyenas

Once upon a time there was a horde of hyenas living in a small valley. At sunrise, this horde had invented a new game: every hyena that sold its time was rewarded with points. The hyenas called these points “money”.

The only requirement for this game was not to have time for the other hyenas anymore. Therefore the hyenas had to leave their caves and their families. Instead, they had to spend time with other hyenas they didn’t know. The hyenas called this sold time “work”.

The number of points won was based on the uselessness of this “work”. The lower the benefit for the other hyenas, the more points could be won. The hyenas called this number of points won “earning”.

The most points could be “earned” if not a single hyena benefited from this occupation. If you could even harm the other hyenas through this “work”, there were additional points. The hyenas called these additional points “bonus”.

Because the hyenas were jealous, the number of points won was kept secret. For this purpose, the points were collected in stores that no one else was allowed to see. The hyenas called these invisible stores “accounts”.

So you could watch the hyenas all day building hidden traps, digging each other’s water and snatching their prey from each other’s noses. The hyenas were eager to devastate their surroundings and destroy their livelihood.

More and more hyenas took part in this game, most of them up to complete exhaustion. Each hyena worked only for itself, none had time for the others any more. The valley started to desolate in front of their eyes, but the hyenas didn’t notice. In return, the money accounts grew, although nobody could see them.

When the sun went down, the valley was devastated, the water poisoned and the sky darkened. When the sun rose again, all hyenas had perished. However, the money accounts continued to live happily. And they all lived happily ever after.

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