Corona in Austria – Day 7

Today’s headline in the “New York Times” says: “Second death from coronavirus is reported in the U.S.” And the Washington Post writes: “Virus may have spread undetected for weeks in Washington state.” The magazine “Politico” reports background information: “President Trump on Friday night tried to cast the outbreak of the coronavirus as an conspiracy intended to undermine his first term.” Trump recommended his followers to consider the virus a “hoax”.

In Austria the situation is taken more seriously. The “Kurier” reports: “Hundreds of Austrians in quarantine. The coronavirus is spreading further. Current status: 16 confirmed cases. Several schools affected.” The free newspaper “Heute” consequently reports: “Students should stay away from universities after traveling to high-risk areas.” Another tabloid even introduced a counter that is kept up to date: “Coronavirus worldwide: Cases: 89,253 Deaths: 3,048 Healed: 45,175” Accordingly, the headline reads: “State of emergency due to Corona”.

In Switzerland, the situation is seen a little more differentiated. The “Tagesanzeiger” reports: “In China Corona ensures better air.”

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