Corona in Austria – Day 5

Today is Saturday. In the morning, Austria got to know that US President Donald Trump canceled Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s Tuesday visit to the White House due to the Corona-Virus. At first it was not clear whether the Austrian delegation was completely prohibited from entering the USA. In any case, Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg and Minister of Economic Affairs Margarete Schramböck and their delegation are now staying at home. Instead it was announced that George Clooney is going to visit Austria.

Yesterday evening Austria’s National Security Council came together. This body consists of the Federal Chancellor, the Interior Minister, the Defense Minister and the top representatives of the parliamentary parties and is subject to confidentiality. At the request of the government parties, the National Security Council now passed the following decision: “The National Security Council recommends that the federal government provide the population with extensive and coordinated information on behavioral measures. The best possible information situation is essential to avoid panic and prevent the disease from spreading.”

The number of infected people in Austria has increased to nine.

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