Corona in Austria – Day 2

Today, the New York Times reports: “Global markets slide as corona virus threat hangs over world economy.” In Austria, the responsible politicians are trying to calm the population down: “There is no need to panic, but…” Yesterday we saw special broadcasts in the public television, even the most watched program of the past decades, the annually “Villach Carnival” from Carinthia was postponed.

This morning the tabloid “Heute” reported: “First corona alarm now also in Vienna. Woman in quarantine”, “Vienna school evacuated because of suspected corona”, “Virus warning for meat, milk, eggs for the first time” and “Fear of Virus: Run on shelves in supermarkets”.

In the southernmost state of Carinthia, which borders Italy, a woman died who was possibly infected with the Corona virus. In Italy the eleventh person died from the virus, in France the first Frenchman, in Germany there was the first infected patient in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg, also in Switzerland and on the Spanish mainland. On the holiday island of Tenerife a hotel is held under quarantine, including also an Austrian couple.

The “Kleine Zeitung” told yesterday evening that Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was a guest in the Innsbruck hotel last week where the first Austrian Corona patient is employed as a receptionist. A few hours later, the senior editor hurried to add that the chancellor had no contact with the woman there. In Slovakia Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini is now in hospital with high fever and respiratory infections. He assures it is not because of the corona virus.

Yesterday evening, the main news of Austrian television saw a first detailed report on security measures to protect the Austrian population. For this contribution, the reporter stood in front of the Innsbruck hotel, at whose reception the first Corona patient has worked so far. The hotel had been closed by the police yesterday and is now in quarantine.

So you saw the reporter in the spotlight in front of the dark hotel entrance, which was guarded by several police officers. He reported breathlessly: “The police control the entrances and exits. As far as we can observe nobody is allowed in or out.”

Just then the door opened in the background, a man walked out with his scooter and slowly drove away.

The corona virus has arrived in Austria.

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