The Hanau murders

Slupetzky was sitting at his old typewriter and looking through the skylight at the clouded winter sky. He had just learned that in Hanau, a city in the German state of Hesse, a young man had murdered ten people and then killed himself. Since then, the news has been full of reports of these murders, and there were infinite comments about this crime and the perpetrator.

As Slupetzky followed the news, he noticed that every commentator saw this murder as validation of his own views. As diverse as the political positions were, everyone obviously saw it as a proof of their own convictions.

Slupetzky noticed what was going on in him. With every single message, he moved away from his original feelings. The fainted shock gave way to an inner anger. With every new comment he began to feel less. He decided to stop following the news and no longer read the related messages.

He leaned back and thought of Hanau. In that city east of Frankfurt he had been working as a young man. He knew its streets and its squares, its parks and its bars, its forests and its river banks on the Main. And he knew a couple of its people. Slupetzky grew sad. He looked up at the sky again. Then he silently began to weep.

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