The Downfall of Europe

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz
Ballhausplatz 2
AT-1010 Vienna

Daule/Ecuador, 28.06.2018

Subject: The downfall of Europe
German original: Der Untergang Europas

Dear Mr. Chancellor!

Born in the beautiful north-west of Vienna, I have met you only four times in our lives. As Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior, then as Federal Minister in the Foreign Ministry and recently as Federal Chancellor in the Mauthausen concentration camp. The rest is virtual. Your former coach, the just resigned opposition leader Matthias Strolz calls you “soulless”, the US ambassador in Berlin a “rock star”, some commentators a “Messiah”. I call you “Sebastian” and “Mr. Chancellor”. You are my Federal Chancellor.

You have “closed the Balkan route”, you want to “close the Mediterranean route” and “protect the external borders of Europe”. I want to help you with this. I am aware of the danger.

Federal Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, probably your most successful and best predecessor, at least your most important one, once said to a lewd (Salzburg) journalist: “Learn history!” Dear Sebastian, you have learned the lesson. Today it is accordingly: “Learn geography!” (And economics.)

The following letter is about politics. It’s about the red(-green) Vienna, it’s about the (far)right Austria, it’s about the union of AfD and CSU in Germany and about the (right-left) extremist government in Italy. It is about the 4 “Visegrad states” in the east and “Brexit” in the west. It’s about the Trans-Atlantic Alliance with Donald Trump and the economic sanctions against Vladimir Putin. It is about the “subsidiarity” of the EU and “federalism” in Austria. It is about the “North Euro” and “South Euro”, about the “German-French axis” in the EU and about the “12-hour working day” in Austria. It’s about the war in Syria, the elections in Turkey and Israel’s right to exist. It’s about “National-Socialists” and “Islamists”. It’s about “family,” men, women and children, heterosexuals and homosexuals. It’s about “profit” and “loss”, wealth and poverty and the law. It’s about highways and tunnels, “bridges” and “fences,” climate change and North Korea. It’s about “refugees” and “migrants”.

It’s about geography.

Lean back and read, online on screen or printed on paper. The text lasts 20 minutes:

Attached you will find 2 pictures. The first concerns the world as a whole and the second specifically Europe. I am going to start globally:


The Earth geologically is a (nearly spherical) ellipsoid. Therefore it consists not only of a northern and southern hemisphere (Latin for “half-sphere”), but also of a western and eastern one. So there is not just a North Pole and a South Pole, but also a West Pole (next Galapagos) and East Pole (next Singapore). The corresponding equator between East and West runs approximately along the 12,5th Longitude East. The geological zero meridian therefore does not run arbitrarily through London Greenwich in Europe, but exactly through Rome. (This was already a medieval knowledge, but has been rejected by modern developments and shortly seen a revival by Carl Calleman’s analysis of the Mayan Calendar). On the opposite side of the earth the 180 degree Meridian reunites these two hemispheres in the Pacific, right between the easternmost part of Asia (the far east of Siberia) and the westernmost part of America (the far west of Alaska) through the Bering Strait – also 12.49 degrees east of the previous maritime meridian. Firstly, this finalizes Alfred Wegener’s theory of continental drift, and secondly, it becomes astonishingly plausible in practice by straightening the date line, which – for the first time necessary since Ferdinand Magellan’s circumnavigation – has been drawn quite arbitrarily at the other end of the world.

The historical consequences (time) of this geographical cause (space) are obvious, here I limit myself to the “Causa Prima – Europe, Africa and the Migration Question”: The equator between the east and the west of the world runs west of South Africa along the South Atlantic and hits the African Continent still in the southern hemisphere south of the Guinea threshold. Thus Gabon becomes the “center of the world” at the intersection of the two equators in Africa. The history of Africa, the “cradle of humanity”, is thus fully understood from prehistory to the beginning of civilization and colonization up to the present day:

When man sets out to populate the earth towards all directions from his “cradle,” the “center of the world,” he has only ONE way by land: the Sinai, the bottleneck of humanity, the origin of all human civilization, including all monotheistic religions. This one and only, extremely narrow bridge between Africa and the rest of the world, lies on the north-east of the African continent, in the north-east of the earth. All three monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – still tell their respective stories about it in their scriptures, each of them in their own way – all about both sides of this bridge and all in the same despair with the unconditional faith for Salvation (and be it by force). The profane science complements this world history according to their respective field of expertise up to the present day.

Every other way out of Africa is blocked. In the east lies the Indian, in the west the Atlantic Ocean, which meet in the south (characteristically at the “Cape of Good Hope”) and separate Africa from the ice cold of the Antarctic. So the African population explodes to the 100 million people at the mouths of the only two relevant fresh waters, north of the Sahara on the Nile in the east – and south of the Sahara on the Niger in the west of the world – and is desperately longing for sunrise – or sunset. This happens, much less poetically, in the stinkiest filth imaginable, the garbage dumps of Cairo and the swamps of Lagos, in Egypt and Nigeria.

This yearning (directed towards the north-east in the Cairo area and towards the south-west in the Lagos area) is well founded, as told not only by the three Abrahamic religions, but by each individual science. The “Middle East” in the Cairo area is explored on both sides of the Sinai and known down to the last detail, the “Far West” in the Lagos area towards South America is understandable to every toddler on the world map by putting together Africa and South America like two puzzle pieces. Africa and South America were once known as ONE continent, and the Niger and the Amazon as ONE river. And this river was flowing towards WEST, into the blue hour of the sunset.

The fact that the Amazon river is now flowing back towards Africa, and this as the mightiest river in the world, is due to the geological longing for reunification between West and East. Incidentally, the Amazon does this with the backing of the Andes, the most powerful mountain range in the world. And because the globe is an ellipsoid due to its rotation to the east, the Chimborazo in the immediate vicinity of the Galapagos West Pole is the highest mountain in the world – and not just any snow-capped mountain in the heart of Eurasia. It is OBJECTIVELY – if you are measuring in the direction of the sky from the sun or in the direction of the earth from the center of the earth – and not SUBJECTIVELY from any arbitrary level of the ocean. (Charles Darwin is sending his regards.) The Pacific, the most powerful body of water in the world, has “another level” than the Atlantic. It is of such a dimension that it could house, shelter and supply the entire land mass of the earth, all people, all over the world. There is plenty of space at the end of the western world, Hawaii, Hollywood and Silicon Valley successfully tell their stories of the blue hour, while there is jamming everywhere in the “center of the world” on the other side of the globe. “Paz” (“Pacific”) means “peace” by the way. The opposite of it is called “war”.

And so we have arrived in “Europe”:

In order to even understand this tiny appendix of Eurasia at the equator of the Western and Eastern Hemisphere, we once again start at the “cradle” of Europe, the “cradle” of humanity, in Africa. The dusty Sinai towards the sunrise in the north-east of the Sahara, as well as the swampy Niger in the direction of the sunset in the south-west of the Sahara as a “terminal yearning” of millions of people are two mass focal points of concentration. Beyond that lies “The Promised Land”. But while it is really reachable in the North-East, it is just virtually in the South-West. The south-west of Africa is missing. It’s called “Latin America” and is populated by “Hispanics”, beyond the South Atlantic. In human history the meeting of the distant siblings of the southern hemisphere has been fulfilled over the detour of the North Atlantic. They meet each other in the north-west of the globe, in the “southern states” of “North America.” “African Negroes” and “Hispanic Latinos” meet, under the supervision of “Caucasian Europeans”, in their extreme form called WASPs, White Anglo Saxon Protestants. This encounter is called “slavery”. So much for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO and the G7, the largest industrial nations in the world (West-East: virtual) and the Rio Grande, the border between the United States of America and Mexico (North-South: real): “We’ll build this wall! And they will pay! ”

While Africa’s relationship to the Western Hemisphere beyond the Atlantic Ocean has been a misunderstanding for centuries, in the direction towards the Eastern Hemisphere we find the Indian Ocean. This Ocean is home for countless small islands, as well as groups of islands. The largest of the islands is called “Australia”, the largest group of islands is called “Indonesia”. “Australia” (in the south-east of the world) is predominantly “Christian-Protestant”, “Indonesia” (at the equator to the north-east) is predominantly “Islamic-Protestant”. Both are bigger than “Europe”.

The nearest island is called “Madagascar”, the most peculiar island in the world. Adolf Hitler had dreamed of “Madagascar” as Theodor Herzl’s “Jewish state”, whereas Winston Churchill realized it in “Palestine”. Meanwhile Auschwitz. Fifty-five million dead. Five million survived. “Madagascar” is located in the south-east, “Palestine” in the north-east of the world.

The heartland of Africa has become “colonized” (whatever that means), exclusively by “Europeans”. In the process, the “British” attempt prevailed over all others, especially the “French”, and obviously “naturally”, considering the zero meridian. While the “French” tried to connect the continent from west to east in the northern hemisphere, the “British” did so in the eastern hemisphere from south to north. According to the motto of David Livingston: “Africa British from Cape Town to Cairo!” they successfully connected the northern and the southern hemisphere (in the east of the world). The “French” attempt to do this between East and West (in the north of the world, north and south of the Sahara) failed. The price for this development is the slaughterhouse of mass genocide at the North-South Equator, in the tropical jungles from Belgian Congo to Rwanda, as well as the warlike slaughter of languages and religions on the West-East Equator along the burning desert of the Sahara. North and South were connected, West and East remained separate. In the far south Africa was colonialized by “Boers” and “British” in the form of “Apart-Heit”, where the criterion of separation was the color of the skin.

And that’s how we have reached the north.

In the north, “Africa”, this continental landmass in the center of the world, also (by definition) meets salty water. Not in the form of seemingly insurmountable oceans, but in the shape of medium seas. The sea south of the Sinai is called “Red Sea”, the sea north of the Sinai is called “Mediterranean Sea”. The Sinai itself, the world’s only land bridge between continents, the “cradle of civilization,” is placed – as a tiny wire rope – in the north-east of the world. Beyond the Sinai there is land. The country south-east of the Sinai is called “Asia”, the country north-west of the Sinai is called “Europe”. The land south-east of Sinai is inhabited by “Muslims”, the land north-west of Sinai by “Christians”. Beyond the Sinai itself there is “Israel”.

And now we change the look. We put the world map aside and look at the second picture: “Europe”


The colonization of “Europe” by humans took place naturally by land at first, therefore of course from the east. According to the geographical position of “Europe”, this happened from the south-east (the Sinai lies in the south-east of “Europe”, derived from it “Jerusalem” and “Mecca”). Whatever “Europe” should be, it defines itself as distinct from “Asia”. And the second certainty that exists is that “Europe” lies in the northern hemisphere in the north of the world. Let us therefore consider the geography (space) and draw the historical conclusions (time) from it:

The zero meridian, the geological equator between East and West, between “Orient” and “Occident”, shows itself in Europe with the following line:

Tripoli – Rome – Venice – Kitzbuhel – Chiemsee – Wittenberg – Copenhagen – Malmoe – North Pole


Tripoli (Northern Africa):

The colonization of Europe from east to west had taken place in at least 3 waves  (Neanderthals – Celts – Greeks) in the course of history. Shortly before the “turn of the centuries”, the year 0 of the European era at the “Birth of Christ” the decisive battle between North and South, between Africa and Europe, between Carthage (today’s Tunis, the most northern Capital of Africa, west of Tripolis) and Rome occured in the Punic Wars. Rome is placed north of the Mediterranean Sea, Carthage south of it. Rome won. The decision was made in Rome, between the war weapons of that time, the elephants of Carthage and the geese of Rome. The African commander Hannibal had (for the first time in history) previously attacked Europe from the west. With his army of elephants he had to cross two crucial obstacles, first the Strait of Gibraltar (water) and secondly the mountain range of the Alps (land). After he had succeeded this world-wide achievement, which no one had expected (and could not expect) he stood in front of Rome – for the first time in history from the south over the west. Rome was defended solely because the geese of the Capitol, the political center of Rome, alarmed by the elephants, warned the Roman citizens with their cries in the last moment. Rome could be defended, Hannibal defeated, and Carthage beaten. From then on, Rome dominated the Mediterranean from “Europe”, the Mediterranean Sea was called “Mare Nostro”, “Our Sea”, until today (North-South). At the same time, the Alps became the border between “Italy” and “France” (East-West).

The next successful attempt to populate “Europe” from the West was by Islam. After crossing the Mediterranean on the Strait of Gibraltar, the strait between Africa and Europe, the “Moors” settled in the south of the Iberian Peninsula (now Portugal and Spain). From there they were expelled by the Christian army under Karl Martell coming from the North, from “France”.

The next attempt of Islam finally failed in 1683, when the “Turks” -coming by land across the Balkans from south-east – were defeated in front of Vienna by the Christian army of the “Poles” under King Sobieski (coming from North-East). The “Turks” were finally pushed back across the Balkans in the direction of the south-east by the army of Prince Eugene from Savoj (in south-western Europe, today “France”).

In the west of Tripoli, “Europe” witnessed the decisive battle between North and South on the Strait of Gibraltar when the “British” fleet under Admiral Nelson struck the “Spanish” Armada at Trafalgar. As a result, the north of America was populated from the “British” islands, the south of America from the “Iberian” peninsula. The border today runs on the “Rio Grande” between the “United States of America” and “Mexico”. (“We’ll build this wall! And they will pay!”) The “British” speak “English” and are of “Christian Protestant Faith”, the “Iberians” speak “Spanish” or “Portuguese”and are of “Christian Catholic Faith”. (“Ireland” speaks “English” AND “Celtic” and is of “Christian Catholic” AND “Christian Protestant Faith”. “Ireland” is located in north-western Europe, west of “Britain” at the height of “Portugal”. “Ireland” is divided.)

In the west of Tripoli World War II saw the landing of Allied troops of the United States of America (USA) and the United Kingdom (UK) in north-west Africa near Casablanca. From there the troops of the “Middle Powers” (“Axis Powers”) were defeated in Africa. This attempt was successfully repeated a few years later on another “continent”, in north-west Europe in Normandy. Allied US and UK troops speak “English” and are of “Christian-Protestant Faith”. The “Middle Powers” (“Axis Powers”) are “Germany” and “Italy”. They are located in the “Center of Europe”, at the equator between East and West. They do not speak “English” and are not of “Christian-Protestant Faith”.

In the extreme north-west of “Europe” there is “Iceland”. In “Iceland”, the “Cold War” between East and West saw the decisive meeting between the President of the “USA” and the party leader of the “CPSU”. “Iceland” is the opposite of “densely populated”. In Iceland it’s “cold”. Iceland is far north-west.

Rome (Southern Europe):

According to legend, Rome was founded almost a millennium before the “Christian era” by the brothers Romulus and Remus (RR). The Roman Empire then reigned for almost a millennium. According to religion Christianity was founded at the beginning of the “Christian Era” by the apostles Peter and Paul (PP). The Catholic Church (CC) ruled for two millennia. According to science, the civil names of Peter and Paul were Simon and Saul (SS).

The zero meridian, the equator of the Western and Eastern Hemisphere, passes through the center of Rome, straight through the center of the Roman Collosseum. The center of the Roman Empire – the Capitol and the tomb of the first emperor, Julius Caesar (JC) – are located in the north-west of the Colosseum. The center of the Catholic Church – the Vatican and the tomb of the First Pope, Simon Petrus – lie to the north-west of the Capitol. The Pope used to be called “Patriarch of the West”. The “Way of the Cross of the Lord” is celebrated on the evening of Good Friday (at the beginning of Shabbat) at the Collosseum. It is the death night of Jesus Christ (JC).

The rich, successful and economically prosperous “north” of Italy lies in the western hemisphere. The poor, unsuccessful and economically exploited “south” of Italy lies in the eastern hemisphere. The wealthy island of Sardinia lies to the west, the exploited island of Sicily lies to the east. The “far right” Lega (North) has its voters in successful North-West, the “far left” 5-stars-movement has its voters in the exploited South-East. Now they are ruling together in Rome. In the center.

Venice (Northern Italy):

While Rome is the “eternal” city (“all roads lead to Rome”) up to the “Roman Treaties” of the “European Union”, Venice is the most unique city in Europe. “All cities are the same, only Venice is a bit different” (Friedrich Torberg, “The Aunt Jolesch – The downfall of the Occident in anecdotes”). The death of Richard Wagner is just one detail. Venice will perish as the sea level rises due to climate change. Only Donald Trump denies that.

Kitzbuhel (Austria):

The zero meridian, the border between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres runs right through the middle of Austria, right through the Tyrol. The circular geographical head of Austria lies in the East of the world, the longish geographical tail of the country lies in the West of the world. Both are unspeakably small. The Inn, which is coming from Switzerland in the south-west, has already left Austria, the Danube coming from Germany in the north-west has not yet entered, and the Rhine has barely touched Austria in the west. All other rivers spring to the east and follow the mountains of the Alps on this path.

The province of Carinthia on the border to the south (river Drau) is the only German-speaking country south of the alps, the province of Styria (river Mur) on the border to the south-east is the last German-speaking country in direction to the Balcans, the province of Burgenland on the border to the East (River Leitha) is the last German-speaking country to the east. The original German-speaking Austria (river Danube) on the border to the north was divided in the course of history (River Enns). The eastern part of it is called today Lower Austria, the less eastern part Upper Austria. Its border with German-speaking Germany in the north-west runs along the river Inn since the German division in the course of the “small German solution” between “Prussia” and “Austria”.

Braunau is located in the east of the Inn. In the morning the sun rises in the east behind the houses towards Vienna and sets in the evening in the west behind the houses towards Munich on the other side of the river. There is a single bridge across the river from the town square to the west. On this bridge Adolf Hitler returned home on March 12, 1938 as “The Fuehrer”.


The province of Salzburg on the border with Germany was awarded to Austria in the course of the “small German solution”. However, this happened after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s lifetime. Mozart was multilingual. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Salzburg is the “Primas Germaniae”. The province of Salzburg is located in the East of the world with an extremely tiny part in the West.

The province of Tyrol was divided in the course of the division of Europe as well as Burgenland and Styria. The capital Innsbruck remained with Austria. The part in the East is called “Eastern Tyrol”, the part in the West is called “Northern Tyrol”. Since then “Salzburg” has a tiny border with “Italy”.

The state of Vorarlberg in the far west of the country borders on Switzerland. Its connection to Switzerland was prohibited in the course of the division of Europe after World War One. It is the smallest province of all small provinces, extremely small. The neighboring state of Liechtenstein is even smaller. It is nearly the smallest state in the world. The connection to Liechtenstein was not prohibited. The Vatican is even smaller.

The province of Vienna also is the capital city. It is smaller than Vorarlberg, but larger than the Vatican. Vienna is located in the north-east of the state of Lower Austria, in the north-east of Austria, in the north-east of the world. It is located in the north-east of Rome, but at the same time in the south-east of Berlin. Vienna is “German-speaking” and of “Roman-Catholic Faith”. Everything, really everything else follows from this.

Austria erit in Orbe Ultima.

Chiemsee (Southern Germany):

The River Inn rises in the West of the world and flows to the East of the world. After leaving Austria in the West of the world (in Kufstein) it flows back to Austria in the East of the world (in Passau). The River Danube rises in the West of the world and flows into the Inn in the East of the world (in Passau). The River Inn rises in Switzerland, in the canton of Grisons, the River Danube rises in Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. In Germany the River Inn flows through “Upper Bavaria”, the River Danube through “Lower Bavaria”. “Lower Bavaria” lies in the north, “Upper Bavaria” in the south.

Passau, at the confluence of the Inn and Danube, hosts the “Hall of the Nibelungs”. Since the loss of WW II the Ruler of Upper Bavaria and Lower Bavaria delivers his State of the Union address there. This happens regularly before a sold-out house in an overdose of “Bismarck-Herring” (food) and “White-Beer” (drink) at the beginning of the CHRISTIAN Lenten period on “Ash Wednesday” . The Ruler of Upper Bavaria and Lower Bavaria speaks “German” and is of “Roman Catholic Faith”. From Passau everything is called “Danube”.

Adolf Hitler (20.04.1889 AD, Braunau/Inn, Austria)
Rudolf Hess (26.04.1884 AD, Alexandria/Nile, Egypt)
Hermann Goering (12.01.1893 AD, Rosenheim/Chiemsee, Germany)

November 9, 1918: November Revolution, Berlin
November 9, 1923: Beer-Hall-Putsch, Munich
November 9, 1938: Kristallnacht, Berlin and Munich
November 9, 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin

Heinrich Himmler (07.10.1900 AD, Munich/Isar, Germany). West.

The Danube is feminine.

Wittenberg (Northern Germany):

The River Rhine rises in the west of the world. It is the largest river in Europe. It rises in Switzerland in the Alps and flows into the North Sea in the Netherlands. In “Switzerland” and “the Netherlands” one speaks almost “German”. The Rhine is the largest river in Germany. “He” never leaves the West. The Volga is even bigger. It is the largest river in Russia. “She” never leaves the East.

Bavaria is the richest, most successful and economically most prosperous federal state of Western Germany.

It is located in the south-east of the country.

Saxony is the richest, most successful and economically most prosperous federal state of Eastern Germany.

It is located in the south-east of the country.

Now they unite.

“West”-Berlin is located in the north-east of Wittenberg, in the north-east of Germany, in the north-east of the world (see “Vienna”).

Wittenberg is called “Luther-Stadt”. It is located exactly north of Rome.

Copenhagen (Southern Scandinavia):

Copenhagen is called the “Venice of the North”. It is located on the equator, as is Rome. From there, resistance to National Socialism took place. Helsingoer is located north of Copenhagen. Shakespeare knew everything.

Malmoe (Northern Scandinavia):

Norway’s capital Oslo is located in the western hemisphere, Sweden’s capital Stockholm is located in the eastern hemisphere.

Sweden has decided the Thirty Years War between “Christian Catholic” people (Vienna) and “Christian Protestant” people (Augsburg). “Vienna” is located in the eastern hemisphere, “Augsburg” in the western hemisphere.


Sweden has decided World War II between the “Axis Powers” in the “middle” and the rest of the world. The “Axis”-capitals Berlin, Vienna and Tokyo are all located in the eastern hemisphere, Rome in half. The Vatican is not.


The Nobel Peace Prizes are all awarded in Stockholm (Eastern Hemisphere). Only the Nobel Peace Price is awarded in Oslo (Western Hemisphere).

North Pole:

“Jews” and “Muslims” circumcise their children, “Christians” don’t.

All participants – without exception – live in the north of the world.

Thank you very much.

Peter Wurm


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