Climate change and Corona as “questions of faith”

Opinions are divided on the questions of climate change and Corona: “climate deniers” and “Corona deniers” are opposed to “science believers”. While the skeptics often deny the facts, the worried mostly invoke the “objectivity of science”, especially physics. It is the “war of faith” of our time.

Let me remind you that even Karl Popper, the most important scientific theorist in history, describes scientific knowledge as provisional, which needs to be “falsified”.

Since modern times we have got used to trusting science. We have mostly had good experiences with it, except in exceptional cases, especially with “race studies”.

So there may really be – scientifically proven – different “races”, but the National Socialists successfully made it impossible to deal with this science. Heart injections with gasoline syringes in the concentration camps’ test laboratories also did not contribute to confidence in this form of medical science. Every science ultimately comes up against natural limits.

When it comes to “climate change”, most people refer to the “objectivity of physics”. However, this is only apparent. I may quote three of the most important physicists of mankind:

When the first results of quantum physics became known a hundred years ago, which proved the randomness(!) of physical results, Albert Einstein (a “quantum denier”) said: “God does not roll the dice!”

Niels Bohr (a “quantum believer”) answered: “Einstein, stop dictating to God!”

And Werner Heisenberg (a “quantum skeptic”) came to the conclusion: “Matter is spirit that has not yet recognized itself.”

With this knowledge I like to stick to Arthur Schopenhauer: “While science is always on the lookout, art is always there.”

With this in mind, I wish a peaceful coexistence furtheron!

For Alexander van der Bellen, my Federal President and Commander in Chief 

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