Mission accomplished

In his book “Homo Deus” the historian Yuval Noah Harari presents a vision of the future of mankind. Summarized, he describes the development of Homo Sapiens as an increasingly intense exchange of data. Starting with the development of language as artificial information followed by the development of writing as artificial language and the development of machines as artificial hands up to the development of computers as artificial brains and finally the “Internet of All Things” as artificial God by which the entire universe is exchanging data.

So I am thinking about the following: The only thing that distinguishes human from artificial intelligence is breathing. Now that we’ve launched the “Internet of All Things”, breathing suddenly becomes deadly dangerous.

Now we all have to decide:

Either have just made ourselves useless and will die. Then WE were the “missing link”.

Or we accept that “work” is no longer necessary, because every work can be done by computer driven machines – and much better than by us. Then we have just returned to Garden Eden again.

Our choice is clear. The Basic Income is here.

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