Germany stumbles over itself

What has just happened in the small German state of Thuringia? The largest country in Europe, Germany, has reached the limits of democracy. Why?

In Thuringia, a former East German province, the “Left Party” and the “Alternative for Germany” have had an absolute majority in the state parliament since the last regional elections. The uniqueness of this fact is that the “Left Party” sympathizes with the Communist dictatorship and the “Alternative for Germany” sympathizes with the National Socialist dictatorship. The “Left Party” also consists of communists, the “Alternative for Germany” also of fascists. Together they have an absolute majority.

As if that weren’t bad enough, German democracy exists above all by “separating” parties from one another. That means you define yourself by who you don’t like. And so it happens that the democratic parties in Germany are divided. The ecological and social parties “left of the center” categorically reject the far right “Alternative for Germany”, the liberal and conservative parties “right of the center” categorically reject the far left “Left Party”.

What does this game of “left” and “right” really mean? It’s about the basic values. The “left” parties would rather live in a communist dictatorship, the “right” parties would rather live in a fascist dictatorship. It all boils down to this.

What did you see in Thuringia? In Thuringia one could see that this game has now reached its decisive climax. Ultimately, there were two ideas to choose from in Thuringia: Communism or Fascism? What do we prefer? Which dictatorship was less bad?

Germany has stumbled like a sleepwalker onto this peak of democracy. The decisive voice came – perhaps for the last time – from Angela Merkel. The German Chancellor was on a state visit to South Africa. And she decided: Definitely not with the “Alternative for Germany”.

The East German pastor’s daughter and doctor of physics Angela Merkel finally decided: Fascism is no longer an “Alternative for Germany”. Better a lifetime in Communism than a single day in National Socialism. That was the real decision of Thuringia.

In Communism in the end everyone was poor. But in National Socialism in the end everyone was dead.

Thank you, Ms. Chancellor. Thank you, Angela Merkel!

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