“Locked up for life”

Dear Chancellor Kurz!

The attack on All Souls Day in downtown Vienna shook our country to the core. Politicians are now rushing to quickly draw conclusions from this terrorist attack. You yourself declared that a criminal offense “Political Islam” would be created and that the perpetrators would be “locked up for life”. This should happen within the framework of the “execution of measures”, which was previously only intended for “mentally abnormal lawbreakers”.

Like many political observers, I consider this situation extremely critical and crucial for the future of our country and our society. So I would like to tell you a story in all frankness:

My father is a so called “mentally abnormal lawbreaker” and has lived in the “execution of measures” for many years. His offense was to write his trustee: “I’ll kill you and blow up your place.” As a result, my father was arrested and sentenced to “execution of measures”. He was, as you said, “locked up for life”.

During the years of his stay in forensic psychiatry, I visited my father once a month. I announced my visit in advance, reported myself at the locked door, the door opened in front of me and fell back into the lock behind me. I was received by a nurse and was allowed to spend an hour with my father afterwards. Then we said goodbye again.

After a few years in forensic psychiatry, my father was moved to a retirement house for seniors. I still visit him once a month. I still announce my visits in advance and am usually received by a nurse. The doors are no longer locked and I can stay as long as I want. Then we say goodbye again.

Shortly before my father’s dangerous threat against his trustee, my divorced wife had also made a dangerous threat: “And this is now a dangerous threat: I will now do everything to kill you off,” she told me after our divorce onto my mobile box. She was not “locked up for life”.

Dear Sebastian Kurz, if you want to introduce the criminal offense “Political Islam”, then I feel queasy. My concern is not so much about the “execution of measures”. My concern is the political arbitrariness that goes with it. If the difference between “kill” and “kill off” already decides over the “lifelong lockup”, how will that be in the future?

“Allahu Akbar” is sentenced while “Great God we praise You” goes free? The followers of Muhammad are locked up while the disciples of Jesus enjoy freedom? Belief in “Paradise” is insane from now on, while belief in “Resurrection” is still normal? Ayatollah Khamenei will be treated by “execution of measures” while Pope Francis is allowed to live unmolested in the Vatican?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a baptized Christian, even a Roman Catholic, and I consider the circumcision of children to be a violent crime. But giving Islam such special treatment only completes the disaster of the past four thousand years. Thus the reconciliation of the Abrahamic religions will go wrong anyway. Equal rights for everyone, that is our greatest good.



Deus Caritas Est.

Siamo Fratelli Tutti…

Best regards

Peter Wurm

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