The Austrian incompetence

In Austria we are experiencing the greatest crisis since World War Two. In addition to the global Corona crisis, we have now also suffered the crisis of international terrorism.

If you follow the reporting in the national media, you have to assume that we were completely surprised by both. Apparently neither the “second wave” of the Corona pandemic, nor the first “Islamist” terrorist attack could be foreseen.

One can draw two different conclusions from this: Either this country is too stupid to observe developments and to draw the necessary conclusions from them. Both the development of the pandemic and international terrorism had been foreseeable for a long time.

With regard to Corona, it has been known from the beginning that a pandemic lasts for several years and that it goes on in waves during this time. The so-called “second wave” has emerged specifically since the end of the summer vacation. Now, like the proverbial ox in front of the barn door, we are faced with such terrible conditions as those that prevailed in Italy and Spain in spring. This means that human lives can no longer be saved in intensive care units because the capacities are no longer sufficient. So-called “triage” occurs, the decision as to which patient is at the mercy of death. And no one can say they couldn’t have known. This development was foreseeable for every observer.

The second explanation would be even worse: our country – and our government in particular – foresaw these developments, both Corona-virus and terrorism. But why didn’t we act?

Either we are incapable. That would be one explanation. Or we have consciously accepted the conditions. The media are already reporting that the assassin on November 2nd was an undercover liaison with the Austrian intelligence service. So far, nothing speaks against the fact that he was.

Even if the police operations in the course of the attack have to be granted the highest level of professionalism, this is the most terrifying idea one can have in the course of this attack. And with regard to the corona pandemic, the Austrian government is no longer even able to provide current figures, neither with regard to the capacities in the hospitals nor with regard to the infections. Austria is now one of the ten countries most affected by the pandemic worldwide.

We’re making murderous mistakes right now. Why? And what for? Is it stupidity or intent? Are we stupid or even perfidious? Are we incapable or capable of anything? Or is it a mixture of both?

Welcome to Austria!

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