The Scandal of Sexual Abuse

To the Archbishop of Vienna
Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn
Wollzeile 2
AT-1010 Vienna

Dear Cardinal,

Pope John Paul knew everything. He also knew everything about Cardinal Groër here in Vienna. That was the whole point. The ‘New York Times’ is wrong. My friend Giovannipaolo saw these episcopal appointments as the only way to solve this centuries-old problem through public outcry as quickly as possible, that is, in a few decades. He was not going to experience it anymore himself, that was clear to him.

God’s blessing


P.S.: If one doesn’t understand: A country pastor who helps his pupils to clean their foreskin in the boys’ seminar is not of interest for anyone. An archbishop of Vienna who sexually abuses children, on the other hand, ignites the scandal necessary to finally make the problem visible. It would be the same in the USA, Australia and the rest of Europe afterwards.

“Governare Cardinale!”

And where from did the sudden inspiration of the Viennese auxiliary bishop and later Cardinal come to switch from “libel practices against the church” to “the moral certainty that the allegations are essentially true” overnight? From the Holy Spirit?

Dear Cardinal, John 15:15.

Best regards


2 days later:

Finally! Finally..

Thanks, Giovannipaolo! Thanks, Towarisch Karol!

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