The Universe (The Breath of God)

Modern science assumes that the world emerged from the “Big Bang” around 15 billion years ago. (Based on the Mayan calendar, we can set this period to the “day” at 16.8 billion years.) The question “And what was before the Big Bang?” is just the same nonsense as the question “And who created God?” Nothing was before the Big Bang and no one created God. Before the Big Bang, there was no “time”. And therefore there was no “space”. And therefore there was no “knowledge”.

Since the Big Bang the universe has “expanded”. (The proof of this was provided by the “Doppler effect”, the “redshift”.) The crucial question is: where to? Where is the universe expanding to?

Our living generations are currently experiencing a “turning point”. We are two thousand years after Christ on the Gregorian calendar. The “Age of Pisces” turns into the “Age of Aquarius”. If the last 2,000 years were characterized by strict hierarchies, the next 2,000 years will be by flat ones. The “Internet” is the expression of this. The “web” is like that of a spider, there is no above and no below, there are only different nodes. And that brings us to “digitization”.

While simple minds have not yet grasped digitization to this day, others believe that the “digital revolution” is just as important as the “industrial revolution” 250 years ago. But that falls short. Rather, one could compare the invention of the Internet with the invention of writing on this earth 5,000 years ago. But that too is far too little.

Digitization has replaced the analogue cosmos since the Big Bang 16.8 billion years ago. While the last 16.8 billion years were “analog”, the next 16.8 billion years will be “digital”. The last 16.8b years consisted of (natural) vibration, the next 16.8b years will consist of (artificial) digits. The natural vibration was described by the theory of relativity and Goethe’s “analog” additive color theory (CMYK), the artificial digits are recorded by quantum physics and Newton’s “digital” subtractive color theory (RGB).

The year 2012 was the “turning point”, precisely 20.12.2012 of the Gregorian calendar. (It was the winter solstice with the conjunction of the sun and the black hole in the center of the Milky Way.) This “point in time” was the “climax” of the universe. Up to this point in time the “universe” had expanded, since then it is impanding. Up until this point the universe had accelerated, since then it decelerates. Like a mountain peak, the universe was heading towards this point in time, since then it is going downhill again. Until then the cosmos consisted of affirmation, since then it consists of negation. The male yang (white) has been replaced by the female yin (black). The direction outside became the coming inside.

And that brings us to the answer to the question “Where to?” Where had the universe expanded to? Where is it now impanding to? It had expanded towards its climax, from which it is now impanding. Until then it accelerated from the Big Bang, since then it decelerates to the next one. God breathed out the universe, now God breathes it in again.

Everything we experience is an expression of this.

For Christoph Schönborn, my friend, and Kamala Harris

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